The Notsomuch Handshake

Well, this nonsense has been beat to death, eh?

To be quite frank, I’m tired about hearing about people from the Penguins organization.  I could give a rat’s ass about anyone in “Steel Town”.  I hate Sidney Crosby, and that’s that. But I’m pretty much going to contradict myself here by talking about the Crosby incident, mainly because I really feel like putting my opinion out there.

So, on to the handshake, or lack thereof.  Well, I changed the channel with about eight minutes left in the third because the Wings had scored when I wasn’t watching so I thought, “What the hell? Might as well not watch to see if it happens again.”  I saw the final score by the scrolling results at the bottom of ESPN. Therefore, I did not see the post game ceremony, and I’m basing my opinion solely on what I’ve read or heard from both sides.

Crosby says he didn’t disrespect anyone, he won the Stanley Cup and was celebrating, he knows how it feels to lose, and keeps talking out his ass some more.  This guy should really learn how to stop talking.  Henrik Zetterberg and Kris Draper called it disrespectful.  Nick Lidstrom was a little more politically correct by just saying the other team wants to leave, and Crosby will learn from this.  The boys of PTI stated something to the likes of this not being hockey’s answer to the Lebron handshake/media snuff.  They also said he surpassed Ovechkin (but that’s another story completely).

I think it was a bit disrespectful, but maybe not to the extent of how it has been portrayed. I like the Wings a lot, but they’re distaste for the way Crosby handled himself was blown a little out of proportion(with some help from the media).  Detroit probably understood that it was his first Cup, and he’d be extremely excited, but they probably thought he’d act like a professional, too. They thought wrong.  I think Crosby should have gotten through the line, and then celebrated to his heart’s extent.  People used the “He was being pulled this way and that way by everyone” line for why it took Sidney so long to shake hands.  Remembering back to the post game of the incredible National Championship game between BU and Miami(OH), the man who scored the game winner in OT, Colby Cohen, did exactly what Crosby should have done.  The kid was not five minutes removed from being the savior of BU’s season in an absolutely crazy game. He was being talked to by teammates and coaches, and a post game interview was about to be done when he took the headset of and said, “Hold on. I need to go shake hands.” That’s all Crosby had to do. The media’s not going anywhere. The Cup’s not going anywhere. But the losing team wants to get off the ice so they can get this loss behind them as soon as possible. You shouldn’t leave them waiting there.  You have all summer to celebrate and the rest of you career to celebrate winning your first Cup.  You’ll always have that memory (unless there is a bout of Alzheimer’s in your future).  It takes what, a couple minutes to get through the line of dejected hockey players?  Just do it, and be done. You’re a professional. Act like one.

As much as I hate him, I have respect for Crosby the hockey player.  After this, my almost nonexistent respect for Crosby the person has dropped ever so slightly. P.S A lot of athletes in the NHL do charity work, or atleast the big names do it, and that is what people say makes him a good person when people criticize that aspect of him. News flash: charity work doesn’t make up for a shitty attitude.


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