Big Leagues or Bust

Bryce Harper.

If you didn’t know his name, you will.  The kid’s been marked as the “Lebron James of baseball” or just The Chosen One.

The 6’3/205 lb, used-to-be high school sophomore catches and plays a little 3B and pitcher too.  It came out a few days ago that he and his family decided that he’d forgo the last two years of high school.  Harper plans to obtain a GED in order to enroll at a community college this fall, which would make him eligible for the 2010 MLB Draft.   What kind of people are his parents letting him do that? He should be in high school, and then he should be in college. How is a SIXTEEN year old going to handle the pressure of being a Major Leaguer? These are the most common topics of discussion when it comes to The Chosen One.

I say what the hell.  The parents are doing what they think is best for their son. Maybe they have the “The diamond is his calling” mentality. They know that their kid’s meant to play ball. Maybe he’s not the best academically speaking, and he knows it’ll get a hell of a lot harder balancing school and baseball if he went to a big name college. If you can play at a way above average level and hit a 570 footer into the desert, why waste time at prom when you could be making bank in the Majors? As for the pressure situation, he was going to have a lot of damn pressure on him no matter what he decided to do.  He was plastered on the front of Sports Illustrated being called The Chosen One. Everyone is going to be looking at his every move, high school or not. He might be more mature than people give him credit for. Of course he may act like a typical teenager at times, but maybe he can really handle what’s going to be thrown at him in the next year or so.

If everything goes as planned, Harper will be in D.C playing for those Natinals. No, I’m not a fan even though I’m closer to the District than Baltimore, but it’s kind of depressing to see a team that sucks so baddd that they could end up with the worst record in MLB history by the end of the season. If they manage to sign Stephen Stasburg and then get this kid, it’ll be like two Ovechkins for Washington baseball. The most sought after pitcher plus the most sought after player will hopefully get some people in the seats at the ballpark at do for the Natinals what Ovi did for the Caps. It would be nice to see the ball team do well I guess, as long as their record is worse than my O’s.

I’d like to end by saying that, quite frankly, it feels so weird to be talking about this guy.  He’s born in the same year as I am, I’m a grade ahead of him, and there’s almost a 100% chance he’s going to be drafted #1 to the Natinals. I don’t know about other people, but when I was younger I never thought of one day talking about pros who were the same age as me.  When I’d watch the Olympics, I always thought that the athletes were always going to be older than me. Never in my 8 year old mind did I think I’d one day see kids who could be sitting in my AP Stats class playing pro ball. Now all that’s left to do is sit and wait to see what happens with The Chosen One.


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