Offseason Sucks.

I need hockey.


I tried to watch a couple of old Caps games on Hulu, but every game/highlight/whatever I click on says that the video is not available any more. How does that work? Before playoffs started this year, I watched last year’s Caps/Flyers playoff Game 5. Then I try to watch some game after the Caps were eliminated. Nope. No can do says Hulu. I say Fuck you. Then, this past week I go back, and there are the games from the Cup Final on there. Just for the hell of it, I click on Game 7 Wings/Pens, which I would never really watch again. “This video is not currently available at this site, but you can view this and other videos at” What the FUCK? I’m at goddamn for God’s sake. A click on the message takes me to the Hulu homepage, and when I go through finding the games again, it still says that same damn thing. Final try; I sign up for the site to see if this is the cause of my woeful Hulu experience. Nope. Not at all. Still no hockey. Bitch.

If anyone can help me out here, it would be much appreciated. Do I need to pay for this shit or something? Gross.

WOOOO! So it was the computer. This POS  has something wrong with it. My dad bought a new laptop because our desktop computer got messed up after some storm a week or two ago. Tried Hulu, and it worked.


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  1. Hey there – saw your post. It looks like you’re having a small technical issue. Can you try clearing your cache and reloading a game? You can email me directly and we can work through the problem if that doesn’t work.



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