Russians, please?

With the leavings of Viktor Kozlov and Sergei Fedorov, we’ve lost two Russians. I liked the whole “The Caps have the most Russians on an NHL roster” thing we had going. Now we’re down to just three boys actually on our roster.

While I’m well aware that this may not be the most logical thing ever, I’m just saying that I love the Russians. I love the kind of hockey they play. To take a line from Alexander Semin, it’s beautiful hockey. While they might not be the most physical players (excluding Ovechkin), they’re so fun to watch. The Russian contingent was an exciting group to watch here even if Feds was past his prime, and Kozlov wasn’t exactly consistent. We have atleast two young Russian prospects that I know of in Dmitry Kugryshev and Viktor Dovgan. I’m not sure either will be up with the team though. Kugryshev was in the QMJHL this year with Patrick Roy’s Quebec Ramparts and had 74 points (34-40) in 57 games. If he’s in shape for camp, then maybe he has a shot. If not, he might end up in Hershey. Dovgan was with South Carolina in the ECHL. He might need a season in Hershey before making it up here. Also an issue with him joining the caps is that we have John Carlson and Karl Alzner most likely coming up from the A. Dovgan could take one of their spots for the Bears.

So, pretty much all I’m saying is, I just really love to watch these Russians play some hockey, and I think it’d be awesome to have a big group of them on that roster again.


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