Style: Mike Green?

In regards to Swede, and St. Louis first-rounder (17th overall), David Rundblad, there have been comparisons to our own Norris Trophy nominated Mike Green, the League’s highest scoring defenseman, 30-goal scorer, and new owner of most consecutive games with a goal by a defenseman. (Let’s forget those pesky playoffs shall we?) When I first heard and saw this during the draft coverage and saw his offensive contributions, the thought was pretty much along the lines of “What the hell?” Apparently, that’s what The Two-Line Pass thought, too. From over at Puck Daddy:

St. Louis Blues:Losers. It made me laugh hysterically that David Rundblad’s comparable player, according to TSN, was Mike Green(notes).‘Course that’s because he says he “often hits the net.” Might want to mention his goal total last season. It was “zero.” 

These are what his stats look like:


I’m sure that’s laughable for anyone who’s supposed to be an offensive defenseman. But then I remembered that it was the Swedish Elite League that he was playing in. You know, the league where all the draft analysts and such say, “He’s a boy playing with men.” So I figured that the kid must not be logging much TOI. I mozied on over to his team’s website because of the curious person I am, see if that’s why. Here’s what I learned:

1. He looks cuter with longer hair as opposed to that picture up there.

2. His last name means “Round Leaf” in Swedish.

3. His nickname, and I hope it’s a translation gone awry, is “butt.”

4. And lastly, in the stats, Swedes call goals “target” and PIM “expulsion minutes.”


All kidding aside, here’s what I really learned, hockeywise anyway:

-In the 45 games he played, he had a PPG of 0.22, 53 SOG, and was a +3.

-3 of his 10 assists came on the PP.

He was 4th in TOI average among defensemen(13:37) with Skellefteå last season, only ahead of Tim Erixson. (Although he may have really been 5th because the roster is for the ’09-’10 season, but the stats are from last year. It looks as though Skellefteå got rid of a defenseman because one kid has a zero for every statistical category there is. So they probably got rid of their 3rd or 4th dman.)

-He was one of two defensemen to be held without a goal–excluding the kid with no stats. (Albeit, I believe the other guy is not supposed to be an offensive contributor with just one assist, and that same guy played 12 less games than Rundblad.)

Tim Erixson  (Calgary’s first round draft pick, 23rd overall) played 45 games, had a lower TOI avg of 9:57 , and despite having less total points (7), scored more goals (2) than Rundblad.

-Erixson was also a +5.

These are some of their stats compared:


And from the NHL Entry Draft website, it showed he put up some pretty decent numbers this season with Skellefteå Jr. In ten games there, Rundblad had 15 points (8 goals, 5 assists) and 2 PIM.

So make of it what you will. Will he be a bust? We’ll have to watch and see to know that one, but he’s got a plus in my book because his favorite player is Mike Green. 


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