My Beloved O’s

Red Sox Orioles Baseball

My favorite baseball team for forever.

I’m so effing happy about Tuesday’s game against the Red Sox. The greatest comeback in franchise history, and I believe the greatest comeback from a last place team against a first place team. (Please correct me if I’m wrong. Seriously.) I was about to turn the game on until I saw the scrolling scores at the bottom of the ESPN screen. Boston 9, Baltimore 1. So I figured that since my O’s have been having a tough season (well quite a few… a lot of tough seasons) I wouldn’t watch the finish of the game. Especially since it was against the Sox. We haven’t had the best record against them, and I remember watching the first series this season against them. Then, later on while I’m watching Comcast Sportsnet, I see that it says the final was Boston 10, Baltimore 11. Shit! Seriously?! And I MISSED it? It was good to hear some good stuff about Baltimore for once. I’ve always liked George Sherrill, and I was glad to see that he got the save. All of this reminds me that I need to take a drive up to Baltimore and catch a few games, which I have yet to do.

Yes, I am fully aware that we blew a 5-1 lead yesterday, but it happens. I still think coming back from an eight run deficit is cooler than a four run deficit, especially since it took us three innings to get 10 runs; the same amount it took them to get five. Either way, it’s always pretty tough for a team to stage a comback. I’m just happy to hear some good news for my beloved team. Hopefully we could maybe end this season at .500. Maybe that’s a stretch, but I (sometimes) like to be optimistic.


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