Rxns of FA Happenings

Can’t wait to see that in the red sweater.

Bravo GMGM, Bravo.

Signing Mike Knuble is great. Like, reallygreat. Not to be redundant (but I will be), he’s just what we needed on the RW for the Ovechkin-Backstrom line. The bloggers of Capsland and beyond have had their go at it. There will be major linkage to those reactions coming up.

Yesterday’s Free Agent Frenzy was, well, quite, the frenzy. I didn’t know how crazy it would get. This was my first free agent “experience.” I was on the computer thinking that there’d be a few signings here and there, but I ended up sitting there until I my dad came home, and I realized what time it was. While I was over at Japers’ Rink, refreshing my Twitter homepage like nobody’s business, and listening to the goons at TSN just waiting to see if there would be a signing that I actually cared about; whether it be a signing by a rival, a guy I wanted for us being signed, or a signing by us.

Then I hear the interruption of Pierre McGuire’s (or one of the other ones) goontalk; the WASHINGTON CAPITALS made a signing! Let’s hope it’s good. MIKE KNUBLE. GREAT. From reading all the people’s opinions at Japers’, I figured that this was a great signing. After reading an abundance of opinions of beat writer, bloggers, media, and so on, I knewit was a great signing. While I had a soft spot for big ol’ Viktor Kozlov, he didn’t have the whole package. He didn’t use that big body to his advantage. That’s exactly what Knuble does with his 6’3, 230 pound frame. From GMGM: “Mike’s made his living there.” There being the front of the net, which everyone knows we need. With Ovi’s 500+ shots a season, Knuble is bound to pot a few, or a lot, into the back of the net. He’ll grab up the rebounds, and put it past goalies. I really can’t wait to see him play. Hopefully, he’s still got it and can score the 20+ goals he has the past few seasons. (That means we could have six 20 goal scorers on the team; well seven if count Flash, who was one short last campaign)

Ok, now linkage overload:
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PD post. (I’m sure there are some opinions in the comments, didn’t bother to read any though)
A look at what comes up when you search “Mike Knuble.” Plenty of happy twitterers.

donald brashear fights colton orr by jnoyesphotography.

Yup, Big 87 is replacing Colton Orr as the New York Rangers new enforcer. Orr signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and not long after, there was an annoucenment of The Donald signing for a 2 year deal worth $2.6 million. The reactions? Mixed.

From Caps fans, it was the kind of “I’ll miss him, but we couldn’t spend that much money for him” feeling for most, it seemed. McPhee said generally the same thing; he was happy for Brash, but with the cap, we just couldn’t give up that kind of money for an enforcer.

The reactions of about every hockey person? Ironic. Of course it’s ironic because of the hit Brash put on Blair Betts in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

Reactions of Rangers fans? Mixed, but not the mixed kind that Caps fans had. More like deciding whether to accept that he’s now a Ranger or to just keep hating him no matter what.

The guy who took Betts out of the series with a broken orbital bone and potentially helped in the tarnishing of their chance to move to the EC semis by removing their best PKer. The guy they all wanted out of the league. They guy they hated. Now he’s one of them. Some are upset about the money he’s making. Others still upset about the hit and his reputation. Then there are the ones who are just pissed in general and are not happy with how the Rangers organization is handling offseason signings and deals.

Well, we all have to live with what our favorite hockey clubs decided to do. For Capsland, we couldn’t be happier. (Well a 2nd line C would be nice, but this is good.) For Rangers supporters, not very pleased.


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