Team America!

1525-650x600Center Jack Mewhort carries in the American flag for Team USA. (Via usafootball)

I never knew there was a Jr. World Championship of American Football. Well, apparently, there is.

It’s hosted by the IFAF in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This year is the inaugural tournament. There are eight teams from four continents; the US, Sweden, Germany, France, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. The teams are made up of players who will be entering college in the fall (atleast that’s how the entire American team is made up). Each team plays two games that decide who is going to the 7th place, 5th place, bronze medal, or gold medal games. The first three are played today, the 4th, while the latter is played on Sunday.

The Americans dominated. Badly. Majorly. They didn’t allow a point in either of their games against France and Mexico. They’ve outscored the opponents 133-0; France was beaten 78-0, while Mexico lost 55-0. They are in the gold medal game. Can’t say I saw that coming.

Our northern neighbors will be joining them in the final game. Canada blanked New Zealand 55-0, and narrowly beat Japan 38-35, scoring the winning TD with seconds left in the game. And they were ranked number 1…what the hell? I’m pretty sure it was just because there’s never really been a ‘Team USA’ football team. We just chill in America and play ball, while I guess everyone else travels around. IFAF prezzz Tommy Wiking explained:

“We felt that Canada’s exceptional record in international junior competition during recent years warranted the top seed. The United States is recognized as the home of the sport and is expected to be a strong contender for the championship. A truly nationally selected Team USA is a new concept that will be put into practice for the first time for this competition, so the committee felt the second seed should be awarded to the United States.”

Whatevs. Sunday, it’s goin’ down. Amurrca vs. Canada. U-S-A! U-S-A! GOOOOO AMERICA!

Oh, and I think this tournament is ridic. Some of these poor kids are being totally slaughtered. I think they need American coaches to intervene. It’s like how all the travel soccer teams here bring in British coaches/trainers. Just a little help would be good because these guys are losing 55-0, 78-0, 52-27, 41-0. There were three close games from what I saw on the website. You can only push the “Let’s have fun! It’s just about fun!” thing so far, especially with teenage boys.



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