Prezzz Obama

 I think just about every American knows that the 44th President of the United States loves his sports. While on his recent trip to Moscow, Prezzz Obama did a little name droppin’, meaning he threw out our own Alex Ovechkin‘s name. Now, Mr. President has never been to a Capitals game. Our lovely owner Ted even offered him a chance to see a playoff game. Although I’m fully aware that a President’s life is pretty busy taking care of our country, I’m sure he’s had atleast some time to go because he went to a Wizards game against his Chicago Bulls at Verizon Center. Maybe he’s a little bitter because Teddy donated to John McCain’s campaign. Who knows.

Anyway, I was wondering, exactly what teams does he support?

Well, there’s no one answer.

Let us go through a history of President Obama’s support of sports teams.

Now, I know that the first three are meeting him because they all won the championship in their respective sports (NCAA DI Women’s & Men’s Basketball and the Super Bowl), and he supports the White Sox because he lived in Chicago for quite a while and was the Senator of Illinois.

But how do you explain the next ones?

Political support from Michigan.
Oh, speaking of hockey, he called the coach of the SC winners just to talk and congratulate him.
Oh, and he didn’t go to the Winter Classic featuring the Chicago Blackhawks after the organization invited him. Maybe he would have gone if it was at The Cell…

Hmmmm.Should be self explanatory because his new home is in Washington D.C, but….

I’m pretty sure that even though he resides in D.C, he was still rooting for the Bulls. I mean, he gave them a pep talk saying that good things would happen. Oh yeah, and there was a White House visit from the team after one of their worst losses that season.

You say you’re a fan of DA Bears? Reeeeally? But what about this?

And this…

Well, politcal support of course.

Ah yes, and this.

Aaaand, this.

So which is it? I think it’s pretty clear which football team you really like. Maybe that’s why you won’t go to a Caps game; because you love Pittsburgh so much that you don’t want to root for the Caps.

Don’t forget the Skins and the Natinals. Where do they fit in this equation?

I think you have shown where your true loyalty is, Sir, and I don’t believe it’s in Washington. I say for his Presidential term, he lives in Pittsburgh or Chicago. Or if he serves two terms, one in Pitt, and one in Chicago. In Pitt, we shall call his quarters The Steel House. In ChiTown, I don’t know what the hell to call it.


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