Farewell to you

I’m not going to sit here and act like I know everything about Joe Sakic. That’s because I don’t. I haven’t paid attention to professional hockey until late last year. I’ve heard his name a bit and understand that he’s one of the, if not the, most well respected players in the game. Most of the North American players have him as their favorite player, their idol, their hockey hero.

I’m saying all this because Joe Sakic, captain of the Colorado Avalanche, will be hanging up the skates and calling it a career tomorrow, July 9, at 1 pm.

Via From the Rink, I read an article from a journalist who has covered Sakic for some 14 years. The way he talked about Sakic makes even a hockey newcomer like myself see what kind of player and person he was. Even without seeing him play a single game or following any part of his career, Joe Sakic really got my respect. I’m sure no one cares about some girl blogging about sports giving one of the great players in the NHL her respect. But I think it says a lot when an athlete can gain respect from someone by just the way they were described and written about in articles by people who have covered hockey for years.

And with that, I will bid adieu to you, Joe Sakic; Hall of Fame 2012.


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