Ahh, nonsense.

Nothing exciting at all today. I spent 5 straight hours helping my parents paint our foyer. Well, mainly it was me and my dad with the occasional help of my mother. Now it’s a brownish/tanish with some kind of tint when it dries. It definitely clashes with what we have in our living room, which is right next to the foyer. I believe some molding is in order.

Hockey wise, the Bears/Caps signed Boyd Kane. He sure likes Pennsylvania. In the ’04-’05 season, he captained the Philly Phantoms to a Calder Cup, and did the same the next year with Hershey.

I’m debating on whether to go to the Caps convention thing. If I find a friend to go, than I might just do it. Hopefully, my one friend will be back in time to go to development camp on Saturday.

The first week of August I’m going to visit BU finally. What do you think people in Boston would do if I wore a Canadiens shirt? Probably punch me in the face.

So that was my babble for today. Woo.


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