Development Camp Day 2 [Linkage]

glassAndrew Glass
(Caps In Pictures)

Again, couldn’t make it out to Kettler because I have no car to use.

First, Happy Birthday to prospect Andrew Glass. He’s 20 today. I’ve never seen him play, but I just like him because he goes to BU, and that’s where I plan on going in the fall of 2010 (just have to get through the whole acceptance part of the equation).

Next, some good Twitter pages to follow:

  1. @capsmedia
  2. @pckhdsthghts
  3. @washcaps (Campers Braden Holtby and Trevor Bruess will occasionally Tweet)
  4. @cmasisak22
  5. @TarikElBashir

If you don’t have Twitter, you can’t see anything from @capsmedia, so I’ll post links from their Tweets.

Now for the links:

From @capsmedia TweetMic: 

  1. Corey Masisak (The Washington Times)
  2. Benjamin Casavant (2009 7th round pick)
  3. Zach Miskovic (signed as FA in March 2009)
  4. Andrew Glass (2007 7th round pick)

Development camp links: 

  1. Puckhead’s Thoughts (Group B only)
  2. Corey Masisak (article on Gustafsson playing in N.America)
  3. Corey Masisak (article on Braden Holtby)
  4. Dump ‘n Chase
  5. Caps In Pictures (Group B)
  6. Caps In Pictures (Group A)
  7. Welcome to the Show (on Cody Eakin)
  8. On Frozen Blog (Pictures)


  1. Patrick Wey
  2. John Carlson

Hershey News:

  1. Defenseman Dean Arsene to Edmonton
  2. John Walton on new bench boss Mark French

For links from other days:

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 3
  3. Day 4
  4. Day 5
  5. Day 6

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