And he speaks…

So remember those Tweets I posted that were from Martin Havlat?

Well the sour EX-Blackhawk finally spoke out after teasing Hawks fans and the hockey community alike with those pesky 140 character Tweets.

Darren Dreger got the scoop.

What we know is there is a groundswell of sympathy for Tallon, who, upon learning his fate, was also handed a two-year contract to act as an advisor at the same rate of pay he was earning as Chicago’s general manager.

This groundswell also extends to former Blackhawks forward Martin Havlat, who – through the direct link of Twitter – continues to tease Hawks fans with suggestive tweets that indicate Dale Tallon’s firing was very predictable. “Tip of the iceberg,” Havlat wrote in one tweet.  In another, he asked, “shouldn’t fans know the truth?”

Shortly after that, Havlat’s Twitter account crashed because of an overload of responses.

Yes, Chicago Blackhawks fans want to know the truth.

They want to know what Havlat believes led to Tallon’s firing.

H/T to the Twitterers:

The man who got the story@DarrenDreger; the one who’s been bitter @martinhavlat, and Puck Daddy @wyshynski.


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