Development Camp Day 3 [Linkage]


Woopwoop! for awesome pictures. Check out more at TTT Photo and Tic Tac Toe Hockey.

Yes, you guessed it. Still no car or anything to get to Kettler. So once again, here’s some links for those of you who couldn’t get out there either.

I’ll keep posting the Twitter pages because some of them change depending on who was there. Today was quiet for the drills. Most of it came during the scrimmage.

  1. @washcaps (Holtby and Bruess are will Tweeting)
  2. @Capitalskremlin (scrimmage)
  3. @pckhdsthghts (scrimmage)
  4. @cmasisak22
  5. @TarikElBashir

If you’re a Hershey Bears fan, start following @jwaltonhockey.

TweetMic from @washcaps:

  1. Joel Broda (2006 5th rounder)
  2. Phil DeSimone (2007 3rd rounder)
  3. Joe Finley on Trevor Bruess


  1. Article on Anton Gustafsson (Corey Masisak of TWT)
  2. Ted Leonsis blog
  3. Article on John Carlson (TEB at WaPo)
  4. Q&A with Dale Hunter (Capitals Insider)
  5. Capitals Kremlin (Updates from the scrimmage after each period. Follow him on Twitter, too.)
  6. Dump ‘n Chase
  7. Welcome to the Show (short on Brett Flemming)
  8. Welcome to the Show (short on Stefan Della Rovere)
  9. Peerless Prognosticator (I now know why this morning was so quiet)
  10. Peerless Prognosticator (scrimmage)
  11. Caps In Pictures (Group A on-ice testing)
  12. Caps In Pictures (Group B on-ice testing)
  13. Caps In Pictures (Scrimmage)
  14. Puckhead’s Thoughts (Scrimmage)
  15. ChrisAm Fanpost [Japers’ Rink]
  16. TTT Photo


  1. Caps Great Dale Hunter
  2. Jake Hauswirth
  3. Garrett Mitchell
  4. Zach Miskovic
  5. Capitals Report (Convention/Dev. Camp/Free Agency)

For links from other days:

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Day 4
  4. Day 5
  5. Day 6

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