Development Camp Day 4 [Linkage]


Yay for pictures! Check out more at TTT Photo and Tic Tac Toe Hockey.

On the Twitter homefront, it’ll be quiet until about 3:30 this afternoon because that’s when the scrimmage starts. I’ll update who to follow once I figure out who’s there.

Twitterers to follow today:

  1. @washcaps
  2. @pckhdsthghts
  3. @capsdevcamp (A recent find. Like a play-by-play on Twitter. Really good stuff.)
  4. @OnFrozenBlog
  5. @TarikElBashir
  6. @cmasisak22

Development camp links:

  1. Article on Stefan Della Rovere (Corey Masisak TWT)
  2. Caps In Pictures (Group B)
  3. Caps In Pictures (Group A)
  4. Caps In Pictures (Scrimmage)
  5. Welcome to the Show (A write-up of a few TweetMics from yesterday)
  6. khedrick301 Photos (Flickr) (& this might be from other days)
  7. Dump ‘n Chase
  8. The Peerless Prognosticator (Scrimmage)
  9. Article on Joe Finley (TEB from WaPo)
  10. Puckhead’s Thoughts (Scrimmage)
  11. TTT Photo
  12. The Capital Letter (Scrimmage)


  1. Prospects Tour of DC
  2. Josh Godfrey
  3. Michael Dubuc
  4. Trevor Bruess

Other news (Caps and Hershey):

  1. Breakdown of Hershey’s roster (Corey Masisak TWT)
  2. A Look at the Schedule-October (Capitals Kremlin)
  3. A Look at the Schedule-November (Capitals Kremlin)
  4. Article on new assistant coach Bob woods (WaPo)
  5. A Comparison of the ’08-’09 and ’09’10 Schedule (Peerless)

For links from other days:

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Day 3
  4. Day 5
  5. Day 6

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