LeBron gets dunked on

The dunk is at about 0:16, and a slow mo of it is at about 0:21.

This is fahking ridiculous. Not like “Oh my God!” fahking ridiculous. Just fahking ridiculous at how one dunk took on a life of its own over the summer.

Since I don’t really watch basketball ever, I didn’t really care that ‘King James’ got dunked on. Big fucking deal. After him handing out all his dunks, you’d figure he’d get a taste of his own medicine eventually. Too bad it happened at some Nike summer camp or somethin. And it was by some college kid that nobody knew. And a journalist caught it on tape. Maybe a few cell phones, too.

But then Nike confiscated the tape from the journalist who caught it, saying that it’s their policy that people can shoot the skills sessions but not the pick up games. Bullshit I say. The freelancer, Ryan Miller, who got the dunk said,  “LeBron called Lynn over and told him something…There’s nothing I can think of besides LeBron just not wanting it online. It’s a good story to tell people, I guess. But then again, I’m kind of pissed. I lost my tape.”

Now we all know journalists and the media can be a little iffy at times, but seeing as this guy had been filming all day, he was most likely filming the rest of the pick up game before the dunk, too. If it’s against Nike’s policy, why didn’t they walk over to him and tell him to knock it the hell off? Well, because LeBron hadn’t gotten dunked on yet. I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t just get an inkling that one of basketball’s superstars was just about to get dunked on, whip out his camera, and get it on tape to post online.

I was watching Sportscenter, and that’s when they were talking about the tape being released. My thought was that it’s too damn late for that. I told my mother that he’s already made himself look like a pussy by having reps confiscate tapes. That’s just my opinion though. Nearly every basketball player is going to get dunked on eventually. Just because you’re King James doesn’t mean you’re immune. Michael Jordan wasn’t. Patrick Ewing wasn’t. Charles Barkley wasn’t. Just look at the fucking top ten dunks on superstars, or whatever they called it, on ESPN this morning. Except I guess those were done by professionals on professionals, while LeBron’s was college kid on professional, so maybe there’s a little more embarassment. But I don’t know they psychology of a basketball player, so make your own judgement on that.

While I’m one of the many bloggers who’s probably just adding a little fuel to the fire, I wasn’t one of them making a big deal when it happened. Sportscenter had their analysts talk about it, Kobe said he ain’t getting dunked on at his own camp, other NBA guys were talking, athletes on Twitter were going at it. But now, some of those same people at the beginning who said it was a big deal, are now saying, that dunk ain’t nothin. Then, there was what seemed like a lot of knocking on his character where people brought up the whole not-shaking-hands-or-talking-to-the-media-after-getting-kicked-out-of-the-playoffs thing to go along with not showing people the tape.

It’s the summer, so the only sport going full speed is baseball (well NASCAR and that racing stuff and Tour de France, but I don’t car about much). The media has too sprinkle in a little bit of everything to make things interesting, or all they’d be talking about was how the Natinals suck so bad, where Roy Halladay is going to end up, the possibility of Albert Pujols getting the Triple Crown, Jeremy Mayfield doing some more methanphetamines, and whether Lance Armstrong’s cycling team should get behind him to let him win. Blowing up a little dunk on a big player is just their way of spicing things up.

And with that, I think I’m done talking about basketball for now.


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