Thursday Sign-off

This month, I’ve posted a blog 22 out of 23 days. Is that too much? Oh well. There might be a stretch starting August 1 where I don’t post. I’ll be in Boston/NH/Maine. I’ll try to post ATLEAST the daily links, though. Anyway, tomorrow expect to see:

  • Links post.
  • Daily Captions. (I think it’s a pretty good one.)
  • A piece on Joe Finley.
  • Possibly a piece our players/prospects from Saskatchewan. (I might save that one for Friday just to have something.)

So that’s it for tonight. Here on the east coast, it’s 11:35PM. That means it’s too early for me to sleep.

Good Night. Спокойной ночи. Bonne nuit. Dobrou noc. Gute Nacht.

P.S I hope those translations are right. Internet translators are awful.


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