Big Papi and Manny Being Manny


If you haven’t watched SportsCenter this morning, then you don’t know that David Ortizof the Boston Red Sox and Manny Ramierz of the LA Dodgers were two of the 104 players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003.

ESPN reports that lawyers who knew the results of the tests told The New York Times about the positive results for Ortiz and Ramirez.

All of this is coming from that 2003 drug test of 1,198 players that was used by the MLB to determine whether or not to begin performing mandatory random drug testing in 2004. That same drug test that was supposed to keep all of the players’ results anonymous. That same drug test that has caused Sammy Sosa problems after his name was released by The Times. That same test that had no consequences for a positive result in 2003. And that same test that was to have no consequences of a positive result.


Now, for me, what happened in 2003 doesn’t always happen now. I don’t like players who are known to use steroids or any other PEDs, but just because they did it then, doesn’t mean they do it now. Except, maybe, in the case of Manny. He was banned for those 50 games earlier this year for using a women’s fertility drug. The drug is known to be used by steroid users to restart their natural testosterone production. Why else would he have been using it if he wasn’t doing PEDs?

If you look at Twitter’s trending topic of ‘David Ortiz‘, you’ll get Yankees fans saying “HAHAHA” or something to that extent. But then you get the people who said something to the sounds of “Didn’t expect that…” (sarcasm sarcasm). He had a pretty tough time with his offensive production at the beginning of the season. There wasn’t a homer from him in 30 some odd games, and everyone was wondering what happened to Big Papi. But then again, steroids aren’t going to help you with the hand eye coordination that you need to hit it outta the park.

The only reason of releasing the names is to taint the names of these players. I don’t understand why players names just randomly come out from that drug test. It was Sosa and Alex Rodriguez; now it’s Ortiz and Ramirez. Why don’t they just tell us all of the names of the players who tested positive so we don’t have to sit around waiting for the next “BREAKING NEWS” graphic to go across the SportsCenter screen? Why are they just sprinkling out a few names at a time?

If they weren’t punished then, why would they be punished now? I don’t think it would be fair to dole out penalties for a test that was not only meant to keep players’ test results anonymous but also had no punishments at the time. Unless it’s known that they’re still using, then suspensions and fines are due. If not, we can’t go back and change what Major League Baseball decided when it chose not to punish players in 2003.

Either way, I don’t think steroids have any place in the game. That whole “Everyone’s juicin'” thing is bullshit. Some players play with integrity. These guys are getting payed hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game, and they’re cheating it. I guess this era of baseball will forever be known as “The Steroid Era.” Look for some discussion on that for billions of hours on SportsCenter tonight.


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