Daily Captions [9]

theoJose Theodore
(Caps In Pictures)

“OhMyGod…It’s Santa Claus!”

Ehh, yeah, not such a good one today. It would’ve been better if Bruce was wearing the full get up:




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4 responses to “Daily Captions [9]

  1. Hannah

    Hey guess where there’s humor there’s a way but I loves my Bruce, and Red is synonymous with the Caps. I dunno… guess I’ve always been told I have a crap sense of humor. I do like Juice and I got a chuckle from yesterdays posts/punches. I think a comment about Theos look woulda been better here. But hey, I don’t have a comment/caption to add so who the hell am I to say anything? How many days till puck drop? *sigh* watched the 97/98 eastern confrence semis vs caps/sabs. And now Caps are my team but that’s the year I started following hockey & Sabres were my team — I got a bit misty eyed. Good times… keep up the good work. Nice off season distractions!

  2. Hannah

    Ah I may have commented on perhaps the look on Theo’s face instead. Yes Gab’s in indeed a jolly fatman and the Caps signature is red so that’s a bit too easy. But in truth I’m frequently told I have a crap sense on humor. But even though I like Juice quite a bit I got a chuckle from yesterdays caption/punch. How many days till puck drop? *sigh* keep up the awesome off season distractions! Hopefully one more season and I’ll be in DC, no more mountains of snow! I’ll duck & cover now but Caps are my team while I’m still very much a Sabres fan… you’ll never catch me in the slug though!

    • hitormiss89

      Haha. Well, I meant it as a thing to describe Theo’s face, like he thinks Bruce is Santa. I’m glad you liked the Juice caption yesterday, and I’m happy to help distract you during the days until the season. (:

  3. Distractions are good! New HN came today! And I get it now, look at Theo’s face duh. Said I had crap sense of humor. Wicked funny. Good laughs always good. Good hockey laughs even better. BTW – I’m a reluctant Buffalo resident for the majority of next season most likely with as many visit as humanly possible. Sabres 1st hockey love, still follow but along with desired living destination, Caps just rock right? I wear my Caps gear proud year round & have managed to make a few dual fans. Thanks for the humor!

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