BU and UNH

Terrier teammates rode in duck boats for a parade. They drove past thousands of fans along the route from Kenmore Square to Marsh Plaza on the BU campus.
I saw those duck boats around the city and had to do a look back.

So the blog was been a bit barren for a little while. Me and the parentals were doing college visits in New England. Boston University and University of New Hampshire were on the list this trip. I’m sure you really care, but I just felt like putting something on here.

The car ride trying to find the hotel was hilarious. We didn’t know how long it would take, so we gave it just a day to get from Maryland to Boston. Bad idea. Driving through a city that you don’t know at night is not good. Lots of yelling. “It’s on the other side of the river!” “We ARE on the other side of the river!” It also sounded like an argument from The Departed with all the ‘fuck’ uses. “Where the FUCK am I supposed to go? You have the FUCKING map!” “I just told you to go over the FUCKING bridge! Don’t make that illegal turn!” “Too bad! I’m fucking making it!” Yeah, that stuff’s not made up. There really was emphasis on the every ‘fuck’ use, too. We finally asked a guy, but he said he was from out of town. Guess what? We saw him at our hotel later that night. Douche. But then we found a nice couple who helped us. I suppose you shorten everything in Boston. They called it Mem Drive instead of Memorial Drive, and that’s fine by me. Finally found it. 12 hours in a car sucks.

First I went to BU, my number one school. I already loved the school from what I saw online, but then from the info session and tour I was sold. Some of my friends say that I only want to go there because they have a good hockey team, but I only found out about them after I looked up the school. So there. We all know BU won the National Championship in thrilling fashion this spring at the Verizon Center(and of course they mentioned that at the info sesh), and we have Andrew Glass playing his college hockey there. My campus tour guide was talking about athletics, and we started talking about the championship game. He told me he’s in the Pep Band and was putting away his saxophone when it was 3-1, all upset. Then he freaked when they scored the two goals and won in overtime. I was a little upset that we didn’t get to see Agganis Arena, but oh well.

BU and the Boston area are aboslutely amazing. I suggest that if you’re looking at colleges, you should definitely put BU on your list, even if it is a bit pricey. Don’t get a dorm in The Towers (not to be confused with Warren Towers). That’s what they all say. The academics sound top notch, and the professor-student relationships sound great. All of the made up holidays really sound awesome. Just getting to watch the Boston Marathon and the parade for the hockey team and whatnot. “Quidditch” sounded pretty intense. And so did the Silent Disco. And the 500,000 pumpkin thing at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market. And being able to see into Fenway from floors 15-18 in Warren Towers. And being able to touch an Academy Award. And having movies like ’21’ filmed there. I think BU is just intense altogether. I actually watched 21 today and was looking for the hallway that we walked through on the tour. Then, when I did see it, I said “I walked down that hall, but I don’t even remember what building it was!” Yes, I am lame. Sorry about that. Oh, and was the dorm he lived in in The Towers? I wasn’t sure, but I’m sure no one will answer that question.

If you live in Boston, you’re so lucky. The area’s incredible. I didn’t get to go to the North End, which sucks because I really wanted some good Italian food that the BU student info session people were talking about. Speaking of Italian, pretty much everywhere, there were atleast three Italians in a group speaking in Italian really quickly. Quincy Market was pretty awesome; I got a Yankees Suck shirt and this cool zippy bag thing that’s awesome. I’m not incredibly fond of the T; the metro is better, but atleast we got around. There are a lot of runners and bike riders in the area, too. I saw this hilarious cross dressing guy on the corner near the Commons. Took out a smoke, put his hand on his hip, and started talking to himself. Good stuff.  Pretty much Boston is just awesome.


Oh, Durham. You are so small. I knew it was a small town, but I didn’t know it was that small.

The campus was pretty nice. Insanely quiet in the summer. The entire campus tour group (that was eventually split in two) was about as big as one of the small groups at BU. It was pretty funny to hear the admissions lady say that some people send in essays saying how happy they’d be to go to Vermont when submitting their applications. Seriously. It’s not that hard to delete ‘Vermont’ and type ‘New Hampshire.’ Surprisingly to me, most of the group was actually from out of state. I expected more New Hampshire kids to be there. The tour guide girl was way too peppy at 9 AM. But then again, you really have to sell your school. Either they don’t bother turning on the air conditioning in the summer, or they don’t have any in some buildings. It seemed like they had almost everything academically the same as BU. They even have one of those escort services for at night if you don’t feel safe. But really? In Durham, New Hampshire I think I’d feel plenty safe walking alone in the wee hours of the morning. And hockey. I got a little excited inside when we went to the Whit. Tour guide girl was freaking out. “I’m so excited for hockey season! :D” I saw Ty Conklin’s mug on the wall of, I think, All Americans from the men’s and women’s hockey teams. We went in and stood over the student section and saw some hockey camp or something going on. Pretty sweet. At UNH, we have Greg Burke and Phil DeSimone. I think that’s where development camp invitee Nick Sorkin will go in a couple years. Good stuff.

It was weird going straight from Boston to Durham in the same day. From a big city to this little, quaint New England town. But both are nice in their own ways, you know?

Anyway, that’s my little (big) nonsense post for today. It’s a slow, quiet day in August without any hockey.


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  1. CapsFan1975

    My elder daughter attended Boston U and graduated in 2007. We couldn’t get tickets for the Frozen Four. But she was visiting us at the time and we watched the thrilling comeback on TV after we were nearly ready to give up.

    Good luck getting in there. It’s great to go to college there. She heard about other colleges where all there was to do was drink. If she was bored, she went exploring another neighborhood in Boston.

    (My younger daughter’s a year older than you and she’s going down South to Clemson U.)

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