I Heart Little League

Yes, I do!

Call me lame, but I don’t care. I’ve watched the Little League World Series since 2005, and it started much like my love of hockey; stumbling upon it while flipping through channels on the TV.

Ever since the ’05 LLWS where the Hawaiians from Ewa Beach eventually rallied to win it all, I’ve tried to watch every year. I root for any team from Maryland that makes it, like I did last year. Even though they didn’t make it to the Semis, I went ballisticism when they won 3-2 without a hit and had the “Michael Phelps” play to end it and when they hit back-to-back-to-back homers. As for international teams, I always go for Japan. Those kids are awesome.

I actually just finished watching the New England Regional Final between Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Intense. There was kind of an Al-Koken-Game-7-of-the-Rangers-series call by Orestes Destrade. It was bottom of the  fouth (I think), and Mass was down 6-4. This kid who’s known as a clutch hitter, so much so that his teammates nicknamed him “LeBron James”, is at bat with two strikes and one on, and Destrade is talking about if he hits a jack to tie the game, it’ll be a momentum changer. And what happens? The kid hits one outta the park. Tied 6-6. The Peabody Western All Stahs go to Williamsport.

The LLWS is awesome because it’s actually a world series; eight American teams, eight International. Oh, it’s also the last time they’ll ever say that it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun and actually (kind of) mean it. And every TV break includes Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes commercials and/or Jared the Subway Guy and Ryan Howard commercials. I don’t know if that’s really awesome, but it’s true.

And finally, did you know that Mr. Chris Drury is being enshrined into the Little League Hall of Excellence? Well, he is. I guess that’s what you get for winning the LLWS in ’89 to end a US five-year losing streak, a high school hockey state championship, a NCAA DI National Championship, the Hobey Baker, a Calder Memorial Trophy, a Stanley Cup,  and an Olympic Silver Medal.

So I guess I’m a big nerd for typing that all up, but whatever.



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2 responses to “I Heart Little League

  1. CapsFan1975

    And Chris Drury is also an alumus of Boston University, the alma mater of my first born child. (And, if I recall correctly, the place you wish to attend.)

    • hitormiss89

      Ohh, I know! He’s also pretty much the reason that Matt Gilroy signed with the Rangers.

      And you are correct, I would love to go to BU.

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