Really Random (Sorry in advance)

So I was watching videos on YouTube, and I somehow got to this song.

I’m going to admit that I kind of like the song…minus his girlyish voice.

Cute kid, but seriously.

I looked the kid up, and he’s from Stratford, Ontario, yet he’s acting like he’s from Atlanta with the whole A-Town down. Just because you work with Usher, doesn’t mean you’re from Atlanta. The constant Yo-ing doesn’t help any more.

I’m only two years older than him, but he seems like he thinks he’s as old some of the good R&B/Hip Hop artists. He kind of reminds me of Jesse McCartney. They’re pop but try to act like they’re hip-hop/R&B.

Also, there should be no music video including a party if it involves silly string and confetti and no alcohol. See Asher Roth-I Love College.

On second thought, there can be silly string and confetti…if there’s alcohol. No, I am not a raging alcoholic, and I don’t even drink. That’s just how I think music videos should go. Oh, and he shouldn’t have people who look a lot older than him. It makes him look like he’s 10.

And lastly, my “favorite” part is when he’s trying to act all cool. “Cool” voice: “Yo, Usher!” Then, talking-to-mom voice, “I’m just playing video games with Ryan.”

That was my random nonsense shit post for the week, and I won’t do it again for a while.

Very, very sorry about that.


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