Oh dear


Tomorrow is the day.


That means I won’t be posting in the morning any more. Actually, I hardly posted things in the morning to begin with. So that means I probably won’t post ever in the morning unless there’s a day off.

Hopefully, I can keep up with Daily Captions and Links. They’ll all just be in the afternoon around 3 o’clockish.

I guess the start of school is just showing that we’re a little bit closer to hockey season.



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2 responses to “Oh dear

  1. LOL. School does suck. :P
    I just started today. ewww.

    And yeah, luckily hockey season is closer. :D

    Just this morning I was talking to my friends, and I said, “I’m so excited! HOCKEY SEASON STARTS SOON!!!!!”
    And they gave me, “Dude, you’re insane”, slash, “wtf.” looks. :|

    I was also rejected of high-fives. :(

  2. CapsFan1975

    Yes, I remember the dayy when my kids were doing the summer projects prior to senior year. My first born made procrastination an art form. She had a ton of IB (International Baccalaureate) projects that were due the first day (and procrastinated, of course, and was up nearly all night.)

    Last year, my younger child had gotten all the projects for the AP classes done but did the last minute thing in reading the books for “regular” English. Guess she’s like the Caps. The equivalent of getting more psyched for the good teams than the bad. (I’ll admit that was the story of my first child, too.)

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