Season Preview

No, it is not for the Capitals. If you want one of those, please feel free to look at some other hockey blogs out there. I’d probably just be talking out of my ass trying to give you Caps season preview. So I will talk about my school team.

We are awesome. Not really. Well, in the regular season (which I must add is only something like 10 games plus some tournaments) we are. Then, in the playoffs, we suck. Bad. It’s very sad. Actually pathetic. They all say, “We’re going to lose to (school). They’re so fucking good.” Bitches.

I think we have something like five seniors coming back and some pretty good sophomores. I’ll probably end up going to a bunch of the games, which are played about an hour/hour and a half away. The drive will suck, so hopefully the team won’t.

Actually, my school’s team was pretty much the reason I started watching NHL, and particularly Caps, hockey. I went to maybe two games with a friend freshman year, a couple the next, and a couple more last year. Before that, I was flipping through channels, saw a Caps game on, and pretty much thought, “Fuck this. What the hell?” Then, after I started paying attention to our team more, I was flipping through again this season, saw a game, and left it on for the whole game.


Brand new Caps fan, albeit I knew absolutely nothing about hockey. I remember in ninth grade, this kid was trying to explain these things called “line changes.” In lacrosse and soccer, we never had line changes, just subbing in. He also tried to explain icing to me, unsuccessfully. There was a diagram and everything, and I still didn’t know what he was saying. I’m happy to say that since then, I have become quite a bit more hockey literate, if you will.

There, I have unsuccessfully given you a ‘preview’ of my school’s hockey team. It essentially had nothing to do with how they’d end up playing this season, but who cares? I sure as hell don’t. I will just watch them try to beat our rivals and other bitchass schools that I decide are lame. But even if I didn’t talk abou them much (and you probably don’t mind that), you kind of know how I got into Caps hockey. Invigorating, isn’t it?




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