Is it bad…


…that I’m starting to really like the Blackhawks?

Especially Versteeg, Sharp, Burish, and Toews.

Of course, the Caps are still my favorite team in the League, but I think the Hawks can be my number two. Or atleast my Western Conference team.

I think the Caps and Hawks are more alike than I thought before. They’ve got the whole “young and exciting” team thing going. Then, they’ve bot got the off ice personalities.

Ever since I saw these videos with Sharp and Burish messing with Taser and Patty, I’ve started to follow the team a little more. I actually read Hawks blogs now.

Then, there’s Verbeauty. Oh, Verbeauty. I don’t know if it’s just me, but Sarah Spain just seems kind of like a puck bunny to me. Despite that, she gets some funny crap from Versteeg. Two of my favorites are when he sings Fergie, and he talks about how his dad still loves Gretzky more than him and his grandma called him Bitch during a game.

During the playoffs, I watched them against the Canucks a little and the Wings. I wish I could watch more of their games, but I’ll definitely be following them this season.

Wouldn’t that be a Final? Caps vs. Hawks.
Don’t worry; Caps come before Hawks here.
But those Hawks are pretty damn funny.


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