Breaking News on greenlife52!

I just really wanted to use that picture.

I wouldn’t consider “developments” on “Breaking News.”

My last post about my thoughts on greenlife52 being fake got a lot of hits. Apparently, people are really trying to figure out if it’s real or not. Or maybe they’re just looking for the site and somehow end up here.

Now moving on to the breaking news that is

Lulu over at Hockey is My Boyfriend gave me some nice info that she dug up with her sneaky sneak skills. Here’s what she told me:

There are places online where you can go to see who a website is registered to…so I hit one of them up and found out that greenlife52 is registered to Derek Couture. When you Google Derek, you find out he’s a hockey player, born in 1984 in Calgary. Hockeydb has listed that he played with Greenie in Saskatoon or wherever it was.

I also found a post on the web design agency site… Sounds like it’s real. Real cheesy.

To see her post on it, click right here.

Geez. I guess it may be real after all. I decided to go ahead and look up “Derek Couture Mike Green” on Yahoo!, which lead me to this 2004 interview with Derek. He said that Greener was his best friend.

I suppose one could describe the writer of Punch in the Face as a glass half empty kind of person, for the most part. Always saying, “But what about this?” “What if this happened?” Pretty much I factor everything that I can possibly think of into the equation before I make my final conclusion. That being said, I’m still left hanging on a couple of things.

Rhere are already fake Mike Greens, which probably isn’t that surprising. Twitter, for instance, has three “Mike”s that I know of: @greenlife52, @mikegreencaps, and @mike_green52. I follow don’t follow @greenlife52 so I don’t know what he’s tweeting. However, I’m pretty sure whoever runs that account, isn’t Mike Green; they follow an author or five books. (; I’d also think that @washcapswould be following the site or Mike because the do with Ovi. @mikegreencaps has had one tweet which was months ago, so I think it’s safe to say that’s a fake. @mike_green52 has tweeted about greenlife52, so maybe that’s real.

You would think that if a site had been made, and Mike knew about it, he/they would tell Nate Ewell and the Caps PR staff so they could let fans know it’s really him. Apparently, he/they haven’t. For all we could know, once that online store opens, anyone who buys anythings could be sending money to feed site operators bank account.

For God’s sake, the bad grammar is still going strong! I don’t know if it’s a part of Candian English (But then again, why would that matter? They used American spelling before.) or something, but I didn’t know “fan’s” was possessive when it possessed nothing. It should be simply “fans” in the context it was used it. Don’t forget those run-on sentences either.

I’m not trying to push the idea that the website is fake. I have my opinion (which is currently an ‘I think it might be real after finding out who it’s registered to’ feeling), and I just prefer to have solid answers, and without solid answers, I still have questions. Yes, it may be a somewhat petty subject, but that’s just the way it rolls here. I suppose we’ll wait to get that solid answer, so I’ll leave you with this post.


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