Caps 1, Sabres 2


We were delivered our first preseason loss tonight. And that was with the majority of our veterans.

If you were lucky enough (lucky in the sense that it’s HOCKEY, not because it was good) to get the feed to work on the Caps’ website, you saw a lackluster showing. It definitely wasn’t the prettiest hockey, or as BB said, timing was off.

For some notes and summaries, head over to Puckhead’s Thoughts, TPP, and Japers’ Rink. As for what I saw:

  • Although CBo was singled out by BB in a good way, I didn’t see much from him. I’m on the Bourque lobby, and I was truly hoping he’d “wow” me. However, as I said over at the Rink, being decent doesn’t get you in the lineup with the big boys. Also, as noted by some fellow Rink Rats, Bourquey just couldn’t seem finish. But if the coach likes what he saw, good.
  • The PP in one word: BAD. 0-for-5, including a five minute courtesy of Paul Gaustad. It just didn’t look like they were meshing at all. And a problem that we had last year: too cute. BB said they had just practiced yesterday morning, and there’s no need for cute especially when you’re still getting used to each other.
  • The Ovi-Backis-Noobs line seems like they have chemistry without even trying. There was a lot of bad luck last night though. Noobs had a couple of deflections that went wide and one hit the crossbar. There was one pass from Backstrom that found Knuble, but again, Noobs had no luck.
  • Green didn’t look too good. I don’t think he had many shots on goal, and he wasn’t mentioned much, good or bad. So pretty much, he was invisible while paired with Alz.
  • Speaking of Alz, he was out of position quite a bit. Specifically on the second goal, which he acknowledged. It probably an effect of him wanting to be more aggressive this season. In this case, trying to be more aggressive=being too aggressive.
  • Schultzie, yes Jeff Schultz, bitches, did a pretty good job last night. In one shift, he cleared the crease and laid had a hit along the boards. He ended the night tied for a team high four hits.
  • It seemed like people liked to go after John Erskine. After laying a CLEAN, OPEN ICE hit, Paul Gaustad decided he didn’t like it and went after Big Ersk. (Even though he droppped the gloves, Ersk only got 2 minutes for roughing, and Gaustad got a whopping 17 PIM–2 for instigating, 5 for fighting, 10 minute misconduct) Another Sabre was trying to join when Ovi grabbed him, and they both ended up laying on the ice with the Sabre in an Ovi hold. I believe it was in the third when yet another Sabre was pushing and shoving with Ersk. Maybe teams will start taking liberties…

Anyway, those were just a few things I noticed. Be sure to go check out Puckhead’s Thoughts, TPP, and Japers’.


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