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Okay, so I feel like a complete moron.

I joined my first ever Fantasy Hockey league this year at The draft went by okay. It kind of sucked that I picked 15th out of 19, but I some how grabbed up Mike Green in the second round (24th overall, almost where he was drafted by the Caps).

Now that the season has started, so have the Matchups. I understand all the stats and whatnot, but there’s still stuff I don’t get. I actually want to win this because I like winning. Whatever it is, I have to win it. So I have a few questions that I kind of need answered. If any Fantasy Hockey savvy people out there could help answer them, it would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I think I’ve figured this out, but I just need to check. Where it says “Score,” that means how many stat categories you’re winning out of however many there are, right?
  2. Once one day of games is over, should I move the players from those teams out and the bench players from teams playing the next day in? Or does that mess with my stats?
  3. If a player is sucking, can I just drop him and pick up a FA?
  4. If you trade with someone, and give them two players for one, do you just fill that empty spot with a FA?
  5. Why is someone getting points for having MORE PIM than me? Shouldn’t the person who gets that point or whatever have the LEAST amount of PIM?

If there’s anything else that I need to know about Fantasy Hockey, please help me out here. I want to win, even if it’s for nothing.



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2 responses to “Fantasy Hockey Goob

  1. Hey, I only participate in Yahoo fantasy hockey leagues through the regular season and The Sporting News fantasy hockey league during the playoffs. I would assume they are similar to the ESPN league though, so here are my answers to your questions above:

    1.) Sounds like you’re correct, however, I’m not sure since I’m not familiar with the ESPN format.

    2.) You want to make sure you “do your line-ups” everyday. You need to put people that are playing that night into their appropriate position to earn credit for their stats. If they are on the bench, their stats will not apply to your score. You do not need to move players to the bench if they are not playing (unless they are taking up a roster spot from someone that’s on your bench that is playing.)

    3.) Yes, you can drop a player and pick up a free agent at any time (check league settings to see if there is a limit on weekly transactions.) Usually the person you drop will then go on waivers. If the person you want is on waivers and you try to pick them up, it will depend on your waiver priority if you will actually get them. (For example, let’s say your waiver priority is #5 and you want to pick up Brooks Laich whom is on waivers… let’s say “Team A” also wants to pick up Laich and is waiver priority #2, once Laich’s waiver period is over, he would go to “Team A” because of their higher waiver priority. Keep in mind once you pick up a player from waivers, your waiver priority will drop to #19, the last position. As others pick up people from waivers throughout the year, they will become last and you will then move up the waiver priority.)

    4.) Yes. If you trade two players away and receive one in return, then you would just pick up a free agent to fill the empty spot. On the other hand, if you trade one player away and receive two in return, then you would need to drop a player in your roster.

    5.) Believe it or not, in Fantasy Hockey, the MORE Penalties your players take, the better. You are rewarded for having more PIMs than your opponent. This is why some people like to have a fighter on their fantasy team to try to win that stat.

    Hope this info helps! Have fun!!!

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