CAPS 5, Flyers 6 OT


Despite the loss and my almost nonstop bitching on Twitter and the sloppiness, that was a hell of a game. I think both teams came out flying in the first, even though there was no scoring and nothing too exciting. Matt Bradleygot into a fight with Laperriere that didn’t last long, and Laperriere only landed a couple. Brads was coming to the defense of a sort of late hit on Mike Green. The second period was insane. Seven goals were scored between the teams, and the refs decided to bring out the whistles on us. More on that later. The third was a little nerve-wracking for some. Once it got down to the wire, it definitely was. For only the third game of the season, it was a pretty damn good one, and we skated away with a point.
(If you don’t feel like reading my recap, skip on down to the bottom for some links of recaps and video.)

We anticipated the Ovechkin/Pronger matchup. That’s exactly what we got. Ovechkin was still able to deliver and had his third three-point game of the season with two goals and an assist. It was a little back-and-forth between the two. Pronger had times when he shut Ovie down, and then Ovie had times when he beat Pronger. Neither really dominated the other for the entire game, and that was reflective of the game.

The Flyers liked to go after Greener. It seemed like they liked to target that shoulder of his. Maybe Pronger told them to pay special attention to it. Mike Richards also took a run at Ovechkin, but he missed.

Good Surprises.
After replacing Semyon Varlamov in the second, Jose Theodore was actually pretty calm and composed in net. He looked pretty solid, and the two goals scored on him weren’t really his fault. The Hartnell goal squeaked behind him, and as Tom Poti was trying to clear it, it just barely went over the goal line. The OT winner had a lot of bodies in front of the net and a rebound popped out to the Magical Spearing Midget. He lifted it over a fallen Theo, and Joe Beninati had to exclaim for the umpteenth time, “Happy Birthday Briere!”

Jeff Schultz wasn’t exactly noticeable, which usually means he’s doing what he’s supposed to. Even though people like to pull out the “Caps are undefeated when Schultz is benched,” Schultzie was a +1 on the night.

Bad Surprises.
Varly looked good in the first 20 minutes, but then he let up four goals in the second. From @cmasisak22, “5 of the past 6 times Varlamov has played (Game 7 vs PIT, at BUF, vs. NYR, vs. TOR, at PHI) he has allowed 3 goals in a period.” And everyone called Jose Three-or-more…

The power play was pretty lackluster, 1-for-6 on the night. I don’t want to say it’s becase of the Philly PK, but it might have been. For the most part, I think we passed the puck well and took a few good shots, but nothing was getting in.

The PK was 6-for-9 tonight after being perfect for two games. Of course they wouldn’t have been perfect all season, but the way some of the Philly goals were scored wasn’t pretty. The second Richards goal, however, was on an absolutely horrible penalty call.

and John Erskine should not be paired together. I liked the Brian Pothier/Erskpairing, but Poti and Erskine were on ice for every single goal. Good thing three of those goals were on the power play or else they would’ve each been a -5.

The Things That Pissed Fans Off.
The refs and penalties. What else? 15 minor penalties, nine of which were on us. The first minor given to us was on Chris Clark for goaltender interference. It was not interference, and even the goons on Versus said so during intermission. The first penalty that resulted in a goal was deserved. Greener took a stupid one for cross checking. (Not exactly helping my fantasy team here) The second penalty that resulted in a goal, however, was the thing that was most infuriating. Brooks Laichwas called for an interference when it was a FLYER who checking him into the Flyers’ goal. Overall, it was a horribley called game. The refs should’ve have let the teams play.

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