Did you hear that NHL marketers?


I bet you’re wondering what these are. Well, most of us female hockey fans are too.

Two days ago, @NHL_Shop sent out a tweet asking us ladies what we thought of the “fashion jerseys.”

The response? Not good.

A while ago, OFB’s DC Sports Chick talked about these hideous articles of clothing. She voted nay, just like nearly everyone else.

Honestly, they’re just embarassing to look at. There’s a HEART on the back near the butt. And a ton of glitter and pink and the weird collar. Really? It’s just bad. Most girls and ladies just want jerseys like the guys get but cut to fit us better. They do have premier home jerseys (and a couple of thirds) but no away.

Here are some reactions of Twitterers:

“these suck. pink :/”

“are you kidding?? They’re horrific.”

“those. are. so. gross.”

“I think they’re hideous, and am surprised you sell enough to keep making different variations of ’em.”

“You couldn’t pay me to wear one.”

“Women do not automatically = pink and sparkles.”

“Those are effing terrible. I would never be caught dead wearing one of those.”

“I actually find them rather insulting.”

“A crime against hockey”

“My wife is speechless w/ disgust.”

“I’m a teenaged ‘lady’ and I don’t want one.”


“they’re the fugliest things i’ve seen in a long time.”

” My wife would kick me in the groin if I bought her one of these.” (Favorite)

Before I said “most” of the ladies, but it was actually ALL the ladies on Twitter saying the jerseys were awful. Atleast this isn’t the worst named of the ladies jerseys. They also have the “Ice Flirt” jersey that looks less embarassing with its black color (but still not great).

The whole “Flirt” thing and jerseys like these are kind of what female hockey fans want to get away from. Some people think that a pretty girl only likes hockey to look at the guys, ergo a name like ‘puck bunny.’ While we do admittedly find players attractive, it’s biological; we can’t help that. But we’re not stupid. We know what icing and offsides are and can tell the difference between a slap shot and a wrister. Having something called a Flirt jersey can make us feel a little degraded in a way. I don’t mean to make this sound so dramatic or make it a bigger deal than it is, but we’d like to be treated like any other hockey fan out there.

So @NHL_Shop, please, for your sake and our’s, just bring out the women’s cut away jerseys.


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