Garrett Mitchell is a Badass

And one scrappy son of a bitch.

Whether it’s the 5’11/175  that hockeyfights lists him as or the 5’11/181 that Regina does, we can all tell that Garrett Mitchell is pretty small for hockey standards. That’s why (I’m guessing) we all love to watch him fight.

It seems, to me at least, that small guys are the scrappiest and sometimes toughest  in fights (See also Stefan Della Rovere).

In his latest fight (seen above), Mitchell took on Prince George Cougar rookie Daniel Gibb, listed at 6’3/204. Mitchy clearly won.

Of course, it’s not the first time he took on a bigger guy. Most of his fights are against guys with and advantage of maybe 4 inches and 20 pounds. He even fought fellow Caps draftee Joel Broda last season while Broda was with Moose Jaw.

Maybe one day we’ll see this in Hershey.

Or better yet, in Washington.


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