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On Sunday, I was pretty bored so I decided to go check out good ol’ I looked at Hershey’s fight card compared to Washington’s.

  • Since the 2006-2007 season, the most fights the Caps have had is 33 during the 07-08 Regular Season campaign. On the other hand, the Bears had 95 fights in last year’s 08-09 Regular Season.
  • For those seasons, nine different Caps and 21 different Bears helped their respective causes.
  • Only 19 games into this season, the Bears have had 11 different guys drop the gloves for a total of 24 fights. Greg Amadio leads with eight scraps, followed by Brandon “Sugar” Sugden with five, and Gavin Morgan and Darren Reid with two a piece.
  • Through 23 games, we’ve witnessed three different Caps drop ’em for seven fights. Professor Matt Bradley leads with three, Captain Chris Clark has two, and Toothless John Erskine has two as well.
  • Hershey has won all four games in which they fought two times: 8-1 against Binghamton, 5-1 against Providence, 3-1 against WBS, and 5-2 against Binghamton.
  • Washington has won 3 games out of the seven in which fights have occurred: 4-1 against Boston, 7-4 against Florida, and 4-2 against . The other four were all lost by one goal: 6-5 (OT) against Philly, 3-2 (SO) against New Jersey, 3-2 against New Jersey, and 3-2 against Montreal.
  •  For Hershey, the three games against Wilke-Barre Scranton have included fights (5 total). The Bears won 3-0, lost 6-4. and won 3-1. Greg Amadio has fought in all three (twice against Aaron Boogaard), while Bryan Helmer chipped in during the 3-1 win. The Bears and Baby Pens play nine more times during the regular season. I’m calling 11 more fights. (Oh, and last year, 8 of 10 games between the teams had fights.)
  • Four of the seven fights for the Caps have occurred on the road. 2-2 in those games.
  • 11 of the Bears’ games have been against teams in their division. Eight have included fights, 13 total. That’s 73% of their divisional games with a fight.
  • Four of the Caps’ games have been against divisional opponents. One fight has occurred, or 25% of games against the division with a fight.

Get ready for these final Hershey stats (Feel free to correct if I added wrong):

During the 2008-2009 Regular Season…

  • A total of 80 games were played. 63 included fights.
  • Of those 80 games, 54 games were against divisional opponents (Bridgeport, WBS, Philadelphia [now Adirondack], Binghamton, Norfolk, and Albany) . 41 of them included a total of 60 fights.
  • The Bears played Bridgeport a total of six times. Three of those games included fights, four total.
  • 8 out of 10 games against Wilkes-Barre Scranton had fights. 11 total.
  • Those Phabulous Philly Phantoms. Every single game included fisticuffs. 12 games, 17 fights.
  • Eight games against Binghamton. Seven fights in five of those.
  • The Norfolk Admirals dropped ’em 13 times in eight of the 10 games played against the Bears. One of those games actually included five fights, with Grant McNeill going at it three times against three different guys.
  • Five games out of six, Hershey had eight fights against the Albany River Rats.
  • One two occasions, the Bears had five fights in one game; a 5-1 win against the Houston Aeros and a 6-4 win against the Norfolk Admirals.
  • The longest amount of time Hershey went without a fight was two games…once.

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