I just finished reading Bruce’s book, Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer.

It was really great stuff. Sometimes, it kind of jumped around a bit with kind of flash forwards. Lots of stories from his times in the minors. Funny stuff about Tiger Williams is in there, including a gun and a chimney.

There was quite a bit about BB’s time coaching the Manchester Monarchs. What a bad situation to be in and what a horrible feeling to have. Quite a bit of dislike for Sean Avery is in there. Just a few more examples of why he’s a douche, if anyone ever doubted that.

I can’t really talk about it any more, or I’ll give a bunch of the stories away. So I suggest you pick yourself up a copy for a fun read.


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  1. Lucy

    I LOVE Bruce and I loved the Monarchs. Goes to show you how awesome he is when a good bit of LA’s prospects followed him to Hershey/DC.

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