Not a good week…

Chris Clark and Milan Jurcina were traded to Columbus. Two players I liked a lot.

We lost that night to Carolina, of all people, 6-3. That gave us our first divisional loss…against the worst team in the League.

Corey Masisak and the entire Washington Times sports section got axed.

We lost to San Jose 5-2 in San Jose.

I have to finish college applications because I fucked up on my Early Decision for BU and have to wait until March/April now.

I was planning on having a blog post every day this week, but that didn’t happen.

The end of the year has treated me well.

—Aside from that, I’m going to have a post on my on Clarkie and Juice soon-ish, even if it is a little late. There will be a recap of the USA/Canada WJC game. There will likely be a seperate post on John Carlson that follows at some point.—

I can’t forget…

Have a Happy New Year!

Don’t drink and drive.
Call a cab.
But don’t beat the cabbie up.


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