Don’t piss off the Hockey Gods

When I was finding links for my post-WJC roundup, I came across a story from a Saskatoon based newspaper, The StarPhoenix.

The writer, Les MacPherson, says that the Canadian fans that relentlessly booed the Americans thouroughly pissed of the Hockey Gods.

I’m starting to agree.


Game 1 vs. Slovakia

Essentially every US goal scored was booed. Every penalty drawn by the US was booed. Any call against the US that they thought should be harsher was booed. Any fall or clean hit that didn’t draw a call for Slovakia was booed. Any time an American player was checked, there was cheering. Every Slovakia goal drew cheers.

Third period. 5-3 USA. Every time John Carlson touched the puck in the final period, he was booed. It may not have been from the entire arena, but some group of Canadian fans didn’t miss a single beat in booing the Hershey Bear. More on that later…

Game 2 vs. Switzerland & Game 3 vs. Latvia
Game 5 vs. Finland (Quarterfinals) & Game 6 vs. Sweden (Semifinals)

The same on all accounts, except I don’t believe Carlson was targeted in the booing at any point during the game.

Game 4 vs. Canada

This is the game where you expect the booing. I can’t remember exactly, but I think there was a round of “CAMPBELL! CAMPBELL! CAMPBELL!” when the US was up by a goal or two.

Game 7 vs. Canada

Same deal. After Carlson laid a big hit on Hall, there was booing because there was not call on a clean hit. Then, Pietrangelo went after a guy and got a 12 minute penalty. Booing ensued. When Jack Campbell replaced Mike Lee, not long after, there were “CAMPBELL! CAMPBELL! CAMPBELL!” chants. They also did it at right before the drop of the puck in the third. I always thought that chant was for when a goalie was a major sieve and he was on the team that was losing, i.e when Matt Bradley puts an easy goal past Henrik Lundqvist to put the game away and VC starts the “HENRIK! HENRIK! HENRIK!” But Campbell hadn’t been in that game long and, at the time, hadn’t let in a single goal. It was still tied 3-3. I guess that’s how the cheer works now.


Team USA won, as everyone knows by now. Guess who the Hockey Gods decided to give the game winning goal to? Thaaat’s right. JOHN CARLSON. Remember? That kid they booed endlessly in the third period of the first game against Slovakia? Yeah. Booing a then 19-year-old whenever he touched the puck despite not doing anything wrong will result in that same guy scoring the GWG in the winner-takes-all game and crushing your hearts.


On Friday the 8th, Carlson and the Bears were visiting the Manitoba Moose, a rematch of the Calder Cup Finals. It was also a night that the Bears could tie a franchise record of 11 straight wins (a record set just last year). From commentor Brian at On Frozen Blog, in about the sixth round of the Friday night shootout, Carlson was given the chance to win it for the Bears. Guess what happened? The entire arena booed the American Hockey Hero. How’d the game end? No, Carly didn’t score on his attempt. But the Bears won to tie the franchise record. He was continually booed the rest of the weekend. The Hockey Gods were upset again…

Saturday night, the Bears broke their consecutive wins streak with a 3-2 regulation win over the Moose. That’s 12 straight. It also gave the Bears 60 points, making them the first team in the AHL to reach that point.

LESSON: Don’t piss of the Hockey Gods. It’ll come back and bite you in the ass.


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