The Cardinal Rules of Being a Puck Bunny

You might not know this, but there are puck bunny rules to live by. I’ve got ’em right here for you.




The Top

The jersey. It needs to be short enough to not cover your butt. This is a critical aspect of PBA. The team’s home/away jersey is best. You want to make sure that you kind of blend in with the rest of the crowd. But if you decide you want something a little different, the “Be Luv’d” and “Ice Flirt” versions are perfectly acceptable.

Whose name do you get on the back? In the Caps bunny circle, they really like Brooks Laich, Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, Nick Backstrom, and Alex Semin.

Oh man. And how could I forget?

Matt Bradley. He’s a stud muffin amongst bunnies. Totes gorgey.

Some girls love to add the “Mrs.” in front of their favorite player’s name. So fetch on the right girl.

The Bottoms

Number 1 rule for this part of the outfit: BLACK. LEGGINGS. An absolute must! This ties together the short jersey look. If you’re feeling a little wild, go with the sequin leggings!

Rule number B: NO PANTS! Never wear pants when you’re going out to a hockey event. You have to flaunt what ya got, hon! Make all those hockey players say HEYGIRLHEY!

The Footwear

UGGS. Nothin’ but Uggs. You’ll put the “ugg” in “Uhh…GORGEOUS!” I mean, you could match them with your team colors, but the regular tanny colored Uggs look supa cute.




You have to get noticed. Signs are an absolute MUST! Here’s a few examples of really awesome signs:

See? They’re suggesting an after-game meeting spot. Perfect.

Having your number readily available? GREAT.

"Put it in my five hole, Sidney" by Zaza_4965.

Be direct. Very direct. It betters your chances.


And if you really want to go all out:

There are lots of other little complicated rules to being a puck bunny, but these are the basic (and most important).

The follow up post coming at a time TBD: the comparison of the female fan and the puck bunny.


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    It’s a hard and disturbing read but worth it

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