Are you stupid?

I don’t know how I missed this gem. It’s just a little funny.

Sven Kramer, the Dutch Olympic gold medalist in men’s speed skating 5,000m, is a celebrity in the Netherlands. If you ever watch the men’s long track speed skating, you’ll see a bunch of crazy Dutch fans cheering him and his countrymen on.

That obviously means everyone knows who he is.

Or not.

(Start at about the 0:28 mark)

Apparently, Sven didn’t get the memo that speed skating in North America isn’t even close to what it is in the Netherlands. He was also unaware that local new reporters can be pretty stupid sometimes. Every area has them; those reporters that have to go cover sports even though it’s not their forte. They butcher names, put players on the wrong teams, mess up scores,  and the list goes on. But they can’t help it.

Maybe he should take a PR lesson from his look-a-like.


At least Sid the Kid would’ve said, “I’m Sidney Crosby from Canada. I just won the gold medal for the men’s 5,000.”

If Kramer wins the 1500m today, I think the sideline reporter will know who he is now.


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