OUTTAKES: Practice 3-13-10

I made it just in time for Juice Boy. It came down to Woody and Noobs. The latter lost, probably because all he used was a slapshot. During the game, Chimmer was chasing Brads around the group, and everyone decided to attack Fehrsie. After JB ended, JC was picking up the pucks and had to endure Obnoxious Girl. Bless him.

Now for the pictures. Full set here (newest at the beginning). And outtakes:  

 Gordo doing an Apolo Ohno: fillin’ those lungs with oxygen before an intense game of Juice Boy.     

 Say hello to the peanut gallery featuring Brooksie, Mr. Nasty, Fear, and Deano.  

 Greenie was the only Young Gun playing.

West Bend’s finest.

   Carlson’s out.

It’s all in the hips, Happy. All in the hips.

   Do not touch me, Nasty.

And he’s down.


Hey Knuble, you suck ya jackass!


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  1. I love these pictures!

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