Headin’ to Hershey

With most leagues ending their regular seasons, a couple of the Capitals prospects are on their way to Hershey.

From The Patriot-News via @hersheybears, Garrett Mitchell  and Anton Gustafsson on joining the Bears and are eligible to play. (A little bit on Mitchell and a little on Gustafsson over at Japers’ Rink)

I’m really excited about Mitchell (whether he actually plays or not)  just because he’s little but scrappy and he’s only eight or nine months older than me (which is a little bit weird). (And he reminds me of the kids who were always about to get left behind on field trips…)

(via GJ Photo)





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2 responses to “Headin’ to Hershey

  1. Kelsey

    Hey! Did Garrett Mitchell ever play with the Hershey bears? Is he still on that team? Thanks.

    • Punch In The Face

      Nope. He hasn’t dressed yet. He’s still with them, but like a majority of the prospects who went to Hershey after their Junior seasons, he mainly watches the games from the press box. He’ll probably stay with them through the entire post season.

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