Completely Pointless Facts About Game 3 Officiating

Before the last game of the regular season, I decided to go through every single Caps game to try and find patterns of certain referees after reading Tim Leone’s blog about the Bears’ records with certain officials. I wrote everything down, but never got around to going through the “data.” But after plenty of whining from mainly the media about officiating of Game 2 between the Caps and the Habs, I decided to look at it for the first time.

The officials for Game 3, via @Habsinsideout1, will be Kevin Pollock and Kelly Sutherland.

Kelly Sutherland
The Capitals saw Sutherland six times during the regular season (five at home, once on the road).

With Sutherland, it’s evenly split; three times, the Caps have received more penalties and three times, the opposition has received more penalties.

Our record with Sutherland is 5-1-0 and includes two of the three shutout posted by Caps goalies this year.

The only away game that he reffed was a 3-0 shutout win in Tampa.

Kevin Pollock
The Capitals only saw Pollock twice during the regular season (both on the road).

With Pollock, the Caps always had more penalties than their opponents (which, in the Penguins series, was the case anyway).

Our record with Pollock is a perfect 2-0-0. Both wins came during the 14-game winning streak (the 5th and 11th wins).

Both were road wins.

In the end…
Between the two referees, the Caps were perfect at 3-0-0  on the road with one shutout, 4.33 GF/G, and 1.33 GA/G.

Through those three games, penalties against the Caps vs. penalties against opponents were 18-16 and twice the Caps took more penalties than the opponent.

Of course, it’s the second season and nothing from the first 82 means much now…


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