Completely Pointless Facts About Game 4 Officiating

Tonight’s officials are Dan O’Rourke and Tim Peel. Here we go:

Dan O’Rourke
The Caps saw O’Rourke five times during the regular season (four at home, once on the road).

O’Rourke has seen the Caps go 3-1-1 under his officiating. He has reffed with both Game 3 officials, Kelly Sutherland and Kevin Pollock.

Twice the Caps have received more penalties, twice the opponent received more, and once both teams were even in penalties.

The lone road game O’Rourke officiated was a 6-3 win at Mellon Arena. The Caps had twice as many penalties as the Penguins.

The back-to-back games he officiated versus Detroit and at Pittsburgh were part of the 14-game win streak (the 4th and 5th).

One-tenth of the Capitals 20 fights were when O’Rourke was officiating.

Tim Peel
The Caps saw Peel just three times (all at home).

The Caps are perfect at 3-0-0 when Peel is reffing.

Only once, the Caps were called for more penalties than the opposition.

The back-to-back games he reffed against Atlanta and Pittsburgh were during the 14-game win streak. They were actually the last two of that run, the 13th and 14th wins.

Again, one-tenth of the Caps 20 fights happened with Peel officiating.

In the end…
The Caps record was 6-1-1 and 1-0-0 on the road when either man reffed.

The Caps have a GF/G of 4.25 and a GA/G of 2.75.

One-fifth of the Caps fights occured under these two officials combined.

I’ll go ahead and call a 5-3 Caps win with one fight between Matt Bradley and someone.


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