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DEVELOPMENT CAMP: Identify Group A players

With so many players, it can be hard to indentify who’s who, especially with so many invites. There are a few you can identify by faces, and then of course, you can name them if you’ve got their number or nameplate in your picture. Here are a few ways that can help you figure out which player is which (by lines). Numbers, most names, and line combos courtesy of @takingnames.

#50 Cody Eakin – #75 Phil DeSimone – #91 Sean Wiles

-Eakin is easily identifiable by his ginger hair. Even if you can recognize him by his face, that red hair is sticking out of the sides of his helmet. He’s also a lefty, uses an Easton stick, and wears Warrior gloves.
-DeSimone has short dark hair that isn’t too visible. He’s a lefty, uses a Nike Bauer stick with black tape (or no tape?) on the blade, and wears Reebok gloves. His skates are black and the tongues are floppy.
-Wiles is the only righty on the line. He wears Reebok gloves, RBK pants, and uses a Nike Bauer stick with white tape on the blade. He’s also the tallest on this line at 6’4.

#9 Patrick Cullen – #18 Chris Forfar – #48 Evgeny Kuznetsov

-Cullen has somewhat long hair that sticks out of his helmet a little bit. He wears Reebok gloves and pants and uses a Reebok stick that has black tape on the blade and tan/white tape on the shaft. He’s a lefty.
-Forfar wears greyish skates and Bauer gloves. He’s a righty and uses a Bauer stick that is white on the top half and black on the bottom half and has tan/white tape on the shaft and blade.
-Kuznetsov is a lefty and wears Bauer gloves and pants. He uses an Easton stick with tan/white tape on the shaft and blade. His skates have a tiny hint of yellow on the side/back.

#77 Jake Hauswirth – #84 Stefan Della Rovere – #87 David deKastrozza

-Hauswirth is the tallest on the line at 6’5. He’s a lefty, wears RBK pants and Reebok gloves, and uses either a Reebok or Bauer stick with black tape on the blade and white tape on the shaft. He leaves his skate tongues out and floppy.
-Della Rovere is probably the shortest on the line. He’s a lefty, wears Reebok gloves and pants, and uses a black Reebok stick with black tape on the blade and white on the shaft. His skates are completely black.
-deKastrozza is a righty, wears Reebok gloves, and uses a black Reebok stick.

#34 Brendan Woods – #94 Anton Gustafsson – #86 Andrew Cherniwchan

-Woods is a lefty. He wears Warrior gloves, RBK pants, and grey skates. He uses a Warrior stick with yellow and blue details and black tape on the blade and red on the shaft.
-Gustafsson is a lefty and uses a black CCM stick that has red detail at the top and black tape on the shaft and blade. He wears Bauer gloves and pants.
-Cherniwchan is a righty. He wears RBK gloves and has a Nike Bauer stick that is black with a little grey where it says “Bauer” and has white tape on his blade.

#59 Joe Finley – #81 Dmirti Orlov

-Finley is probably the easiest guy to pick out. He’s the tallest out of all of the campers at 6’8. He wears Bauer gloves. He’s a lefty and has a black Reebok stick has black tape on the blade and white on the shaft.
-Orlov is probably one of the few guys I’ve seen with a CCM helmet. He’s a lefty and uses a black Bauer stick with white tape on the blade and black on the shaft. He wears Bauer gloves and Reebok pants.

#17 Chris Bond – #29 Brett Flemming

-Bond is a lefty with a blue Easton stick that has black tape on the blade and white on the shaft. He wears Bauer gloves and Easton pants.
-Flemming has major hockey hair sticking out of the back of his helmet. He’s a righty and uses a blue Easton stick with black tape on the blade. He wears Reebok gloves and RBK pants.



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Where will Orlov play?

orlov2eDmitry Orlov (!)
(Caps In Pictures)

Look at any blog, and you’d probably find Caps fans’ lists of who they were excited to see at development camp. The kid who topped those lists was usually John Carlson, the highly touted blueliner who started out with the London Knights of the OHL and quickly moved on to Washington’s AHL affiliate Hershey for their playoff run to a tenth Calder Cup.

That was expected.

What may not have been so expected was a pretty good deal of eagerness to see this year’s second round draft pick, 17 year-old blueliner Dmitry Orlov. The 5’11, 202 pound Russian had been said to be a steal for the Capitals. He was the ninth ranked European skater according to the Central Scouting Rankings and had overall good reviews. He was even invited to play in the QMJHL’s Quebec Remparts last season, where he would have played with fellow countryman and Caps prospect Dmitry Kugryshev, but ultimately turned it down. Some scouts thought the “Russian Factor” may have been why the Caps were able to pick up Orlov at 55. Once he was chosen, you could sense that there may be a little excitement for yet another Russian to join Alex Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Semyon Varlamov, Dmitry Kugryshev, and Viktor Dovgan (Am I missing anyone?). Just maybe not as much as there actually was.

After the draft, Orlov seemed quite happy to be chosen by a team with so many Russians, most of whom are quite big names back home. When asked by a Soviet Sport correspondant on his future plans and if he was going to play another season with Novokuznetsk, he said that he was ready to play for Hershey: “…I want to play in the NHL. To achieve that, I’m ready to play for their farm team in Hershey.” That can be interpreted in a couple of ways. One could imply that, whenever he comes to North America, he would play for Hershey if no spot was available or if he was not yet ready to play up with the Caps. I, however, implied that that meant he would like to play for the Bears this coming season so he’d be one step closer to his NHL dream.

It seems as though, at development camp’s end, reviews indicate that it may not be a far reach for him:

  • “I was immediately impressed with Dmitri Orlov, as his crisp playing style was only accented by his vision and great shooting and passing. Not afraid to hit either.” –Rock The Red.net
  • “He is very aggressive in joining the rush but is reliable defensively as well. He is certainly one to keep an eye on; he could make a good impression in the NHL camp this September.” –Inside Hockey
  • “…Two members of local hockey media approached me with the same message: ‘Just focus on Orlov.’ So I did. And wow, just like these friends in media, I have liked what I’ve seen. Man-crush liked.” –On Frozen Blog’s pucksandboots (You should really read the whole post over at OFB)
  • “Dmitri Orlov was the surprise player of the camp for me. Clearly skilled, his willingness to play the body was even better. Good speed, good vision, good hands, and only 17 years old. He’s a player I could see making Hershey.” –OFB’s Mark Rucki
  •  “Orlov was adept at keeping the puck in at the blueline on the power play and was solid all over the ice. His passes were sharp and he showed a willingness to use his body.” –Mike Vogel
  • “Another good defenseman was Dmitri Orlov who had some dynamite hits and handled himself well with the puck. He has the potential to go further and it would be interesting to see him with bigger faster players.” –Puckhead’s Thoughts
  • “Well I think Orlov’s really making an impression. [He] does a lot of things well  for a guy that doesn’t know the language. He’s got pure skill and he plays a tough game too.” –Bruce Boudreau (via The Capital Letter)

You could find plenty of opinions on him over at Japers’ Rink in the form of stories, FanPosts, and comments. Sifting through the comments is a probably best. Checking out the various blogs posted above would probably give you some more thoughts on Orlov.

After reading everything, you can get a feel that there are quite a lot of people who think Orlov will be in Hershey, or want him there, this season. However, there are a few things that make the situation of where he’s playing a little murky.

Before the draft and the combine, Orlov indicated that he would stay in Russia for the upcoming season. He said, “I want to crack Metallurg’s lineup in the KHL and to be part of the national junior team.” But after being drafted by the NHL team that had the largest Russian contingent last season, his thoughts had changed, as previously stated. On Tuesday, Dmitry Chesnokov from Puck Daddy Tweeted this:


And if you’re curious, here is the poorly Google translated SovSport article.

Then, I replied to him, and this is how the Twitter “conversation” went:


The kid that some thought could be slated to be in the lineup in Hershey might not even be at rookie camp this September. The American Hockey League has been called the “second best league in the world” by the likes of GMGM, Bruce Boudreau, and John Carlson. However, from past articles I’ve read of the Russians already on the Caps, it seems as thought they beg to differ. Varlamov said, “It is obvious that the level of the Russian league is higher than the AHL,” when asked to describe the differences between the AHL and the KHL. Could this be the reason for Orlov returning to Metallurg Nk? Or could it be the Russian team trying to keep him from coming over?

Looks like we’ll have to wait for September to roll around to answer the question: Where will Orlov play next season?

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Check ’em out

From the Caps’ website:

Capitals Summer Development Camp On Ice Schedule

Sunday, July 12 Players arrive
Monday, July 13 Group A on ice at 10 a.m.; Group B on ice at 2:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 14 Group B on ice at 10 a.m.; Group A on ice at 2:30 p.m. 
Wednesday, July 15 Group A on ice at 10 a.m.; Group B on ice at 11:15 a.m.; scrimmage from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, July 16 Group B on ice at 10 a.m.; Group A on ice at 11:15 a.m.; scrimmage from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Friday, July 17 Group A on ice at 10 a.m.; Group B on ice at 11:45 a.m.
Saturday, July 18 Scrimmage from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.; players depart

So if you want a chance to see some future Caps, get out to Arlington. I know I’m trying to go the 18th with a friend. It should be exciting to see some of these kids play.

Some of the kids that you’ll get to see (The entire roster’s not out, but these players have been confirmed.):

-Anton Gustafsson (’08)
-John Carlson(’08)
-Joe Finley (’05)
-Francois Bouchard (’06 2nd rd)
-Mathieu Perreault (’07 6th rd)
-Josh Godfrey (’07 2nd rd)
-Stefan Della Rovere (’07 7th rd)

I’m hoping Dmitri Orlov and Marcus Johansson are there. I’m really interested in seeing what kind of potentional these guys have.

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